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Taxi Ghis is a passenger transportation company created in 2013. Located in Danjoutin, in Franche-Comté Region, we provide taxi transfers in the area and in the neighbouring countries.

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Taxis Ghis provides taxi transfers 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a week. Located in Danjoutin, our company transports goods and persons to all destination and abroad. Taxis Ghis offers a customized service for all your personal or business trips. We provide soft drinks and sweets in all our vehicles. We accept all credit cards and some foreign currencies.


Taxi Ghis provides taxi transfers for all your personal and business trips.

To ensure you a pleasant time, we provide soft drinks and sweets in all our vehicles.

Taxi Ghis is a reliable company that will make sure that you are on time to your appointments.

Taxi Ghis will ensure your safe transportation and return to concerts, special events, weddings, nightclubs…

To help you save money, the price of a transfer can be divided by the number of passengers. We have 2 vehicles: a 5 seat sedan BMW Serie 5 and a 7 seat VW Multivan.

In case of difficulties on the road, Taxis Ghis will pick you up and ensure that you will be able to get to your destination.

We accept credit cards: VISA Mastercard, AMEX as well as cash and foreign currencies: USD, CHF, GBP.

Languages: French, English, Spanish and Serbo-Croatian.

Taxi Ghis is available 7/7 24/24, even during holidays.

We hold an agreement for the transportation of persons with a medical prescription.

Taxi Ghis ensures the transportation of mail and goods.

Taxi Ghis offers you solutions to follow all events taking place in the Territoire de Belfort.


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Tel: +33(0)7 50 20 13 62
SIRET : 791479181